Friday, December 2, 2011


Some shots from the Georgia Dome on the eve of the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta...

(All photos courtesy of genxdawg)

Glory, Glory.


Coach Richt was asked the following question at the press conference on Friday:

If you win, you'll be the conference champion. What about the concept of two teams that haven't won their leagues playing for the National Championship?

Courtesy: genxdawg


Well, we were in that situation in 2007, I guess, where we were fourth, and then two teams ahead of us lost. So we thought maybe we'll move up to the top two and get to play. But everybody had a big uproar about, well, Georgia didn't win their conference championship. They shouldn't play in the game.

I didn't agree with that. I still don't agree with that bottom line is if you play a game or have a season or have a system, there are certain rules that you abide by. If the rules say you must be conference champion, then that's the way it is. But if the rules don't say that, I don't think you have to be conference championship to play in that game.

I felt that way then, I still feel that way. If you want to change the rules and everybody understands, that's the rule. But if it's not a rule, why should somebody go stumping and try to convince everybody that should be part of the criteria when it's not. So it's not part of the criteria. I think it's fine to have people that don't win the conference play in the game.

I was so happy to hear coach speak at length on this topic and even more happy to hear that we absolutely agree on the subject. Just play by the rules. Whatever they are, just play by the rules. Regardless of anyone's opinion or agenda, the rules should not be ignored because "...this year is different." Too bad things were different when Georgia was involved. This is all I'm saying.

Glory, Glory.