Saturday, November 9, 2013

Auburn week status update: UNFRIENDLY

Friday, October 4, 2013


After a brutal opening month of games that saw the DAWGS go 2-1 against three top ten opponents and rattle off three consecutive victories at home, Georgia is back on the road at 3-1 (2-0) this week on Rocky Top.  Butch Jones is trying to clean up after Derek Dooley managed to extinguish the dumpster fire that was left blazing when Lane Kiffin bolted for Southern California.  Well, you won’t find me crying for the Hillbillies.  I’m looking for the DAWGS to squish the urnge into something that resembles so many bug guts on the bottom of your shoe.  We know traveling can get a hectic and it can be tough to always remember everything, so we humbly offer up this week’s packing list.

*Murray’s mirror*

Old number 11 has been great for Georgia this season and is finally being mentioned, as he absolutely should be, in the completely haphazard Heisman talk swirling around the world of college football.  Environments like Tennessee’s 100k + will offer on Saturday are the very reason a fifth-year senior starting quarterback like Aaron Murray are such prized commodities.  All Murray needs to do is show up and be the same quarterback he has been every time he’s looked in the mirror this season and Georgia will be well on there way.

*Running man*

The man-child that is Todd Gurley may or may not be ready to answer the bell on Saturday, but thankfully there are more horses in the stable for the DAWGS.  Included among them is the man that had his breakout game of 2012 against the Vols, Keith Marshall.  The two freshmen that have seen the field for Georgia this year have shown to be very capable so far as well.  Marshall can absolutely carry the load for the DAWGS if he needs to, but regardless of who’s totin’ the rock Georgia must run the football.  The ground game is central to the DAWGS offense, it keeps the defense fresh and it wears down an opponent.  In the end, it doesn’t really matter who carries the ball for Georgia on Saturday, as long as they get down hill with an attitude.

*Boys to Men*

It’s no coincidence that as Chris Mayes has made his presence felt on the DAWGS defensive line, we have seen more and more big plays out of that unit.  That needs to continue for Georgia against the Vols this week.  Although they are a young group, Georgia’s D-line needs to continue to show up against a Tennessee unit that Coach Mark Richt has called the best in the league and maybe the country. 

*Track Shoes*

Much has been said about the Vols lack of play-makers and depth on both sides of the ball and frankly, I agree with that assessment.  With that said, you have to acknowledge that Georgia does not have the same kind of problem.  I am pleased to be able to say the DAWGS have speed all over the field and play makers have emerged on both sides of the ball.  Saturday against Tennessee, Georgia must play like it.  The DAWGS advantage is real and they need to put it on display on Rocky Top.  Let’s play “catch me if you can” for four quarters and those “smokey” uniforms will look a lot more like ash after the Vols have been burned a few times.

*Show and Tell*

Whether it was youth, inexperience, noise or whatever else you want to blame.  The problems that plagued the Georgia defensive back seven in the pass game against LSU will be present against Tennessee on Saturday.  Coaches and veterans say not knowing the hand signals is bunk and the freshmen say noise was a problem.  I don’t need them to tell me that they’ve got it under control.  It will most likely be so loud I couldn’t hear them anyway.  It doesn’t matter.  The DAWGS need to figure it out show us on the field that they have worked out the issues. 

*Wrecking ball*

Like I said earlier, Jones is trying to rebuild Tennessee’s program and return them to relevance in the conference.  Well, me and the DAWG Nation could care less about all that. There’s a wrecking ball on the truck and even though it’s gonna play hell with our gas mileage, Georgia needs to break it out and destroy that new house that Jones and the Vols are trying to build. 

So, there you have it.  Now it’s time to turn this thing north and get in the wind.  The college football world is paying attention and the DAWG Nation is ready.  Our blood runs red and black.  Just make sure you don’t dilute it too much with that hillbilly shine while you’re up on Rocky Top this weekend.  Safe travels, Nation.

Glory, Glory.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello, DAWG Nation!  The BEAST is back and man it feels good.  It has been an extremely busy year around our way, but football is back and that gets our attention.  What’s more, we look up and find an old rival has invited us over to get the party started…Clemson.  In case I haven’t mentioned it before, we grew up about 30 minutes from Clemson, have family that went to and graduated from Clemson, and I will readily state that as a matter of fact, Clemson’s version of Tiger Rag is the one and only true version of Tiger Rag.  Period.  But enough of that noise.  This week those Tigers are nothing more than the first in a long and formidable line of challengers that the DAWGS must conquer to claim the championship mantle they truly desire and make good on their mantra, “New Year.  New Team.  One Dream.” 

And what a way to get it started!  A top ten match-up with a prime time national television spotlight.  Whew-wee, son!  Everybody in the pasture town that is Clemson better strap ‘em on tight Saturday ‘cause they don’t get any bigger than this.  I’m serious.  Wherever you may be, you better get your head on a swivel.  When the DAWG Nation gets this amped up, you just never know where that knockout crack back is going to come from.  It might just be that lovely lady on your arm dressed in her best red and black.  Man, I can’t wait!  It’s coming…tick, tIcK, TICK…and the DAWGS are gonna get loose. 

All the big stuff’s already on the trucks, but there are just few things we have to make sure we don’t leave behind before we fire the diesels and roll this show up I-85.  Don’t forget to steal a quick look at beautiful Lake Hartwell on the way.  We know traveling can get a little hectic and it can be tough to always remember everything, so we humbly offer up this week’s packing list.


Georgia and Clemson.  Dooley and Danny.  This is the classic rivalry of my youth that showed me what Georgia football is all about.  The one that built the legends and made me understand what silver britches were really supposed to look like and more importantly, represent.  I know exactly what I was doing when I saw Kevin Butler kick one 60 yards, plus a foot and a half…hanging in the doorway with the cousins as we craned our necks back inside to see the game as we rambled out the door to play a pick-up game of tackle in the front yard.  This one is rooted deep for me and all that makes me the DAWG I am to this day. 

That’s why I know Georgia has to bring their big boy britches to this one.  Everybody knows there will be more than a few new faces taking the field on Saturday, but that can be no excuse for a team that absolutely expects to do big things this season.  The environment will be tough and the stage will be huge, but if the DAWGS are really what we all hope and believe they are, those new faces need to be the next wave of stars for us to cheer and not a handicap that must be overcome.  If we’re lucky, we’ll see some silver in those britches and if we do, this Georgia team really could turn out to be something special.


Let’s just put it on the line here.  It’s time to break some stuff.  What better tool to get that done than a hammer?  I know folks are high on Clemson and their complicated and flashy offense, but winning football is a simple concept.  You must win.  Man on man, eleven individual battles across the field.  You must beat your opponent until he don’t want to be hit anymore.  So, it’s a good thing that Georgia’s got a few trusty old hammers in the toolbox. 

If the DAWGS are going to get this done, that talented backfield of Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall (don’t forget that 6’2”, 257 lb Mack truck of a fullback Quayvon Hicks) will have to grind on the Tigers.  On defense, I’m looking at #52 Amarlo Herrera and the rest of the front seven to shut down that unproven Clemson running game…with prejudice.  All those young kids we’re going to be lining up on Saturday should grab one of those hammers and bust some stuff up while we’re at it and use it to break out for the world to see.  If all goes well, all you people in red and black heading north this weekend better watch your step on the way out ‘cause there’s gonna be pieces of shattered hopes and ACC prestige all over the place.


While there’s no doubt this is a big game on Georgia’s schedule and on the college football landscape in 2013, it really shouldn’t faze this group of DAWGS.  Yes, I know.  There are some pups on the bus this week.  But for a program that has seen the glare from more than a few bright lights over the last few years, this game should not provide too big a stage, especially with veterans at every level on both sides of the ball.  The DAWGS must embrace this opportunity like that old familiar hat that’s already broken in and fits just right, and then rock that lid like we all know they can.


Both in 2002 and 2005, Coach Richt’s DAWGS rode experienced offensive lines to SEC Championships.  Those groups were more than just veteran though, they were nasty.  They lived to gnaw shins, grind lanes and wreck defenders, imposing a championship will as they laid claim to rings.  In 2002, I was in the stadium when Coach Richt believed in his men and went for it on 4th and short near midfield late in the fourth quarter against Clemson to put the game away and Jon Stinchcomb and crew bulled the way for Musa Smith to go up and over for the first down to seal the win.  I’m certain the young men that make up Georgia’s offensive line unit are wonderful individuals, fabulous students and upstanding campus citizens, but we don’t need to see those guys.  We need the angry, play-through-the-whistle and right up to the line guys.  By the time they walk off the field in Clemson on Saturday night, Georgia’s O-line better have shown a much darker side to the Tigers and made them understand....we are not friends, we do not like you, and you’re gonna like it.  If the DAWGS get that message across to the Tigers, the ride South early on Sunday morning will be a sweet one.

So there it is, Nation.  We’re finally here, the long wait is over and we are rewarded with what should be a fantastic, classic match-up.  The DAWGS are ready and so are we.  If you’re making the trip watch out for those speed traps and fly your colors high.  Don’t take too many back roads or you might find yourself in a country traffic jam, sitting behind a few escaped cows in the middle of the road somewhere in the prettiest pasture town in the Piedmont.  Safe travels, Nation.

Glory, Glory.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I think that by now everyone in the Bulldog Nation knows that for over a year now, our UGA Football Coaches Wives have been actively engaged in the fight against childhood cancer.  It hit close to home with our Bulldog Family, when our own little Kasyn Olivadotti was diagnosed with leukemia.  Thankfully, she’s in remission now, but this devastating disease continues to kill more of our kids than any other – each year one in every 250 children will be diagnosed with cancer.  That’s unthinkable and we’re committed to doing something about it.  Most of y’all know that the wives have established The Kasyn Cares Fund to benefit pediatric cancer research at the Aflac Cancer Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Over the last year, we’re proud to announce that – WITH YOUR HELP – we’ve generated well over $100,000 through our series of events around the calendar.  We’ve got another one coming up right now that we think is the best one yet!!!!!

On Saturday, April 6, the UGA Coaches Wives will be hosting their second annual “LUNCH WITH THE LEGENDS” VIP Tailgate from 10AM – 12:30PM at Legion Field prior to the G-Day Game.  The theme for this year’s event is Legendary UGA Quarterbacks.  We will have 200 special edition Nike UGA footballs with the autographs of Georgia’s legendary QBs from over the last 50 years.  We have been overwhelmed with the response from our former field generals.  To date, we have secured commitments from and over the next two weeks will be getting the autographs of the following legends:  Kirby Moore, Mike Cavan, Andy Johnson, Ray Goff, Buck Belue, John Lastinger, Eric Zeier, Mike Bobo, David Greene, D.J. Shockley, Matthew Stafford, and Aaron Murray.  We will update you daily as these autographs are secured.  The Atlanta area QBs (Zeier, Greene, Shockley, Belue, Stafford + Moore) will be signing at CHOA offices over the next 10 days.  The Athens area QBs (Goff, Cavan, Johnson, Bobo, Murray + Lastinger) are scheduled to sign them at the Butts Mehre building on Wednesday, 4/3. 

Right now, I’m pretty sure that no Bulldog anywhere has a football with the autographs of all of these legendary UGA QBs.  Unless you purchase one of these 200 keepsakes . . . chances are pretty good you never will. 

Here’s the deal:  Anyone who purchases one of these limited edition footballs for only $200 will receive an invitation for two to the UGA Coaches Wives “Lunch with the Legends”.  In addition to the wives, we’ll have some of these legendary QBs and other former players in attendance at this event catered by Chick-fil-a and emceed by another UGA legend – Chuck Dowdle.  Gates will open at 10AM and wrap up at 12:30PM, in time to be in your seats for the opening kickoff.  We’ll have the balls on hand to pick up at the tailgate, when you check in.  If you can’t make it to the lunch, let us know and we’ll mail your ball to you on Monday, 4/8. 

The above attachment has detailed information on the event and a website where you can go to order the ball(s) and secure your invitation to the tailgate. .

If you have any questions and want to speak to a real live person, please contact Jessica Kilgallen at 404-785-7376 or

Thank you, in advance, for your continued support on this.

God Bless and Go Dawgs!


Glory, Glory.