Monday, October 5, 2009

So, DAWGS…whatcha got?

The Dawg Nation has been here before. Head coach Mark Richt, his staff and his teams have been here before. Question is, “What’s up from here?” sums it up pretty well:

This season is going to be a repeat of 2006. Early close calls against weak opponents proved to be a harbinger of close (and not so close) losses to come when scares against the Colorado Buffaloes and the Mississippi Rebels served as the prelude to four losses in a five-week stretch. The season was only salvaged with wins over ranked yet overrated Auburn and Georgia Tech squads.

This season is going to be a repeat of 2007. The first half of the fall featured a close conference loss at home and a defeat by a wider margin in a lackluster effort against an orange-clad opponent on the road. The Bulldogs somehow managed to scratch and claw their way to a 5-2 record following a road win over the Vanderbilt Commodores, and, after a well-placed open date, Georgia finally put it all together, began playing up to its considerable potential, and went on a 6-0 run to close out the season.

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I ask again. So, DAWGS…whatcha got?

Here we are headed down the road in another SEC season where we haven’t turned the corner and headed deep into fall, but we can see it from here, and the DAWGS find themselves once again at a crossroads in their season. It is Tennessee week and the Vols look a lot different than they did in 2006…no Great Pumpkin, aka Phil Fulmer…but I don’t know that Georgia does. On that sad October Saturday we witnessed our DAWGS trot out and promptly roll over without displaying any fight and Coach Richt said as much. Unlike that 2006 team, I don’t think anyone is going to say that this Georgia team is not going to fight for all they’re worth Saturday in Knoxville. In 2007, it was a flash of fight and good fortune in Nashville that saved the DAWGS season before they exploded on the CFB landscape two weeks later in Jacksonville. This year’s team has shown some of that flash-factor, but has not been consistent in any area outside of the individual performances turned in by #8, Green, the Domin8oR.

The 2009 Georgia Bulldogs sit at 3-2 overall, 3-1 inside the conference. All things considered, outside of any hit the team’s national perception may have taken from a loss to the #4 team in the nation, this bunch of DAWGS is none the worse for wear and is still in total control of its own destiny. As fans, certainly nothing has changed for us. It is football and you’re not going to win them all, every season. This team can still be a champion. Now, there are several legitimate reasons to doubt this team can accomplish that feat, but it must be acknowledged that everything they want to get done is still out in front of them.

It is possible. There are two weeks, two winnable SEC games and a bye week straight ahead. For the first time all season, the defense is coming off an effort that has more easily recognizable positive things to build off of than any other performance this season. They can look at the film and see themselves doing things the right way in game action and that will only breed confidence and belief in the system and in the coaching. The offense can still find their way in the running game and if they do, it will open the passing game up even more. The road for Georgia still goes through Florida, just like we all knew it would. We don’t know what the immediate future is for this team, but there is time to work out the kinks and peak when everything is on the line. The mettle of this team is still to be tested further. Watch closely how this team approaches the next two week. Can you see them working to get better and do the little things well? I think these next two games may be as telling as any two the DAWGS have played this year.

I will throw out this word of caution though. Due to the presence of Green, the Domin8oR, the offense, the WRs in particular, as well as the rest of the team should be careful of the “superstar syndrome” that they seemingly suffered with at times last year where they seemed to depend too much on the star power of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. No one man is a team, regardless of how much of a BEAST he is.

So DAWGS, whatcha got? Here’s hoping you can put it all together, practice smart and play fierce over the next weeks and arrive in Jacksonville playing with an urgency and a momentum like that of a runaway train headed down hill and we will just see what happens between the lines on Halloween. If you can, this road we’re all traveling down together may not turn out to be so bumpy after all.

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Dawg Stephen said...

Well said. I hope this is the speech that Coach Richt is giving this week. What ya gonna do dawgs?
I dont think CMR has ever coached quitters, and I dont think he is ready to start now.