Monday, November 9, 2009

BEASTS from the CFB landscape

Given that this week was Homecoming for the DAWGS and provided a very enjoyable (save penalties) and easy win, and the fact that I'm on vacation and have had more time to look around and write, I present to you performances from the CFB landscape that are worthy of designation as A DAMN BEAST!!!

BEAST!!! - Toby Gerhart, Stanford – 38 carries, school record 223 yds (5.9 ypc), 3 tds in the 51-42 upset win over #8 Oregon. Gerhart is an absolute tank. The Stanford power back had rushed for over a hundred yards by halftime against Oregon and did not have a run over 14 yards...impressive. Stanford is fun to watch. I didn't think Jim Harbaugh was nuts in saying his freshman QB Andrew Luck was the best quarterback in the land and there's something growing up on The Farm. The Cardinal are coming as a team and Gerhart is the big diesel engine that makes them go.

BEAST!!! – Zach Callaros, Cincinnati – 29 of 37, 480 yds, TD passing and 75 yds rushing and 2 TDs vs. UCONN. Tony Pike is a nice player and I like Chip Kelly as a coach, but it will be interesting to watch the QB situation in Cincy once Pike is game ready (*Pike was medically cleared this week, but had not practiced enough to be ready for the game according to Coach Kelly)

BEAST!!! – CJ Spiller had a school record 312 total yds vs. FSU. Spiller is a game changer in every sense of the word and the Clemson staff is putting him position to make plays for them. Good for them. Any chance we can get Branden Smith to run that wheel route out of the backfield for the DAWGS the way Spiller does at Clemson? That would be nice.

BEAST!!! – Houston true freshman kicker Matt Hogan 51-yd FG as time expires saves the Cougar’s hide. Case Keenum and the boys are unbelievable. I thought they had lost that game at least three times before they miraculously won it. I'll say this, they keep it interesting.

BEAST!!! – Jordan Shipley, Texas – 11 receptions, school record 273 yds, td vs UCF. This game is one that may make you want to split Heisman votes between Colt McCoy and Shipley at the end of the year. I do not agree. I still stand by my preseason pick that McCoy will win the Heisman and Shipley has been really good all season, but this past Saturday Shipley was absolutely dominant and was absolutely the catalyst for the Longhorns easy win over the Knights.


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