Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's all about the G

I really, really, really am so very ready to watch the DAWGS play football again. The Aggies of Texas A&M await the DAWGS in the Independence Bowl and game time cannot get here fast enough for this Georgia fan. Call it a mid-level bowl game if you like, I don’t care.

So much has happened since our last game. It was AWESOME to see us whip the Techies to finish the regular season. Make no mistake…we do run this state…but it has been a tumultuous time since the DAWGS reminded everyone of that fact. Coach Richt has seen fit to make changes on his staff, it has come to light that high school coaches have had to be bouncer and bodyguard to keep the Tennessee temptresses and their boobies off prospective recruits, Saban won = suck, the Gators lost and Timmy cried = fantastic and then it was all blown out of the water by the circus at Florida brought on by the Urban Meyer faux resignation attention grab. It’s exhausting and enthralling all at the same time and like so many car accidents, we just can’t look away. As for Meyer, I really don’t care, but I do tend to agree with the views expressed HERE (be sure to check out the Pat Forde article link too) and HERE. I was actually sad when I heard he may be leaving because I felt we all had been deprived of the inevitable glory that will come when CMR and the DAWGS put another @$$ whipping on the Gators in the very near future. At least now I can look forward to that joyous moment again and I can rest well each night knowing that we are still Georgia and you still are not.

Bottom line, I just wanna see the DAWGS. I am just so tired of hearing about everybody else and their business. I just wanna see my guys play. I love the bowls and I love the DAWGS. Strap ‘em on tight boys and sic ‘em! GATA!!!

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