Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recruiting in the sway

I considered writing about this topic the other day and it turns out that BUI has beaten me to it. I saw the word on Butler and Robey and wondered whether they will still be DAWGS come February, but I did not fret over it.

This stuff doesn't bother me at all. We all must make decisions in this life and these young men will make theirs. Maybe these players will honor their word and honor the pledges they made long ago and Georgia will stay on their minds. I hope so. If not, I say fare the well and I will not think of you going forward. I have no time for those that have chosen to walk away from the red and black and I am confident that it will be their loss. Glory, Glory.


RedCrake said...


I hope that they both choose to stay, but regardless of the changes on the defensive side, I want recruits who truly want to play for Georgia.

If they decide to come to Georgia, I believe that given the situation it will be for the right reasons. If not, best of luck.

BDawg01 said...

Crake doesn't know what he is talking about! ;)
Let Butler go, he is nothing but trouble.
If they don't want to be dawgs then the dawgs don't want them!
Go Dawgs!!! We own the nerds in every sport!!!!!!!