Friday, July 23, 2010


News broke during the annual gathering of the SEC teams and the media that follow them that the NCAA will launch an inquiry into the goings-on at the athletic department at the University of Georgia. Exactly what all will be investigated is unknown, but it is almost a certainty that potential dealings between UGA football players and the sports agents that are vying for their business will get a good, hard look.

Georgia is but one of several schools that have been linked to NCAA inquiries involving sports agents in recent days. As these various inquiries have come to light, seemingly everyone has had something to say about what it all means and several have offered solutions on how to end this problem in college football (primarily) and college athletics in general, up to and including paying collegiate athletes.

This got me to thinking about what it would mean to me if it came to light that a Georgia player, or former player, had taken money or other benefits from some random sports agent.

I think this is where I should point out that any amateur athlete that takes anything (money, special benefits, property, etc.) from a sports agent is doing something wrong. It is against the rules and everyone knows it. Ignorance is absolutely no excuse when it comes to this violation. The player will have knowingly violated the rules, regardless of the motivation.

To me this means that any player that is found to have accepted special benefits from a sports agent made a conscious choice to give in to greed and was thinking only about self, without any consideration for what penalties, impacts or embarrassment those greedy actions could/would have on the school they represent and that had given them so much. I see this as a totally selfish move and I feel certain that these actions would forever change my opinion of that player.

Now that’s me. Regardless of how great that player may have been during their playing days at UGA, their reputation will have forever been tarnished in my eyes.

I would like to know what you, my fellow members of the DAWG Nation, think about this situation. To be clear, NO CURRENT UGA ATHLETE is guilty of anything at this point and I am not implying as much. I am just posing a question. If one of our Saturday heroes, or any other UGA athlete for that matter, were found to have taken special benefits from a sports agent and broken the rules bringing embarrassment to the University of Georgia and our beloved DAWGS, would it change the way you view that player going forward? Please let us know how you feel.

Glory, Glory.


Anonymous said...

ESPN had former great Chris Carter on today and I had forgotten that he lost his last year of eligibility at Ohio State for accepting money. He said some of his teammates had never forgiven him and he remains sorry for doing it.

JenniferfromLaJolla said...

This is why I have no problem if a player decides they want to leave before their eligibility runs out. If you need to make some money and you can do it, go. I don't blame you. Just don't accept money (cars, rent-free housing for your parents) while you are still in school.

I do think the players should get some form of a stipend, I don't know how any of them are expected to earn money while playing football (or other competitive sports for that matter) while also attending school.

Cojones said...

If they KNOWINGLY take money or treats, then I agree with you. If they are conned sideways to a party by someone who doesn't say that an agent set it up, then I have a different view.

How does one go about finding out who is really behind a party that you are injvited to in order to get your name around? Suppose a QB at Detroit invites his buddies from UGA to associate with the good life and an agent is present at the party and furnishes another keg when they run out? Exasctly where does the culpability start and stop and with whom? The rules can be interpreted, my friends, and the rule benders aren't dummies. Rules should be present that states somewhere along the line that the agent loses no matter what. They should be on their Ps and Qs instead of the players , the schools and the fans. Then and only then look into the culpability of the player and see if he requests special treatment and remuneration.

While I'm on it, does this mean I can't slip the needy players a twenty anymore? Lord God! The hypocrisy!

Randy Powers said...

Cojones, you hit the nail on the head. KNOWING is the key.

Cojones said...

wircustI hate to interrupt euphoria, but I must.

A.J. has said he has not been to Miami and we all believe that. Since this investigation started we have seen it connected to the Miami party. What if it's just about agent contact, period? Who brought up A.J.'s name? Was it a N.C. buddy or acquaintance being questioned about agents/Miami party in general and are we being led by the noses to focus only on the party connection or is it larger in scope with many names and schools of DivIA involved? Was someone just doing UGA a disservice by mentioning A.J.'s name? Were there whispers out there that, as soon as agent's names were raised, carried A.J. rumors fomented by agents to lure others in? Whatever is the case we should heed Richt's words and see what they uncover.

Has anyone quoted A.J. as to general agent contact or is that the reason the NCAA is here? He has denied Memorial Day contact and the Miami party, but was that the only thing/incident bringing them to our campus? We need to wait and let this inquiry take it's course. I'm really writing this in defense of A.J.'s statements and cautioning everyone to look at words carefully. Nothing has been implied other than Miami, but since A.J has denied being there what could bring the NCAA to our campus? Other rumbles that have not been made public and that A.J. has not replied to could be one reason. Another is involvement of other player(s).

We can all hope and pray , but be careful how far you extend someone's meaning in denying a specific allegation. It ain't over til it's over. We don't need doom and gloom, but we do need an old dog's patience. If bad things happen, think of the team.

One more comment: We have really good receivers including in our backfield. Has everyone forgotten the halfback and fullback passes over center? Forgotten our tight ends? Forgotten 6 wide receivers who have caught the ball in games under trying conditions? I hope not because this team deserves an upbeat fan base behind them to achieve their team glory. No one person is the team. A.J. preaches that statement more than anyone. Listen to him.