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With Georgia’s spring football practice winding to a close this weekend, I felt this would be a good time to recognize one of our own for putting her hide on the line in support of a good cause. This DAWG truly is FANatical in her support of all things Georgia and lives her devotion to all things red and black each and every day. She goes by a handle that is well known among those in the DAWG Nation that frequent the Twitterverse, the one and only @Ludakrisi.

I have gotten to know Krisi a little over the last year and a half, including our trip to Knoxville last season to see the DAWGS whip the Vols. That trip was special to us for several reasons, not the least of which was that it was a “bucket list” trip for yours truly and Krisi offered to “host” us once she found out it was our first visit to Rocky Top. Although there are tremendous fans throughout the DAWG Nation, I can say for certain that I have personally never met another Georgia fan that displays their love for the DAWGS for everyone in the world to see any more than Krisi.

No doubt if you recognize her handle @Ludakrisi, then you probably know about a particular tattoo that she has that is always an attention getter and conversation starter, even if you don’t know anything else. Of course I’m talking about that iconic classic, the Georgia Bulldog head that she has inked on the back of her neck. Awesome tat. Cool location. Crazed fan. That’s a rocking combination if you ask me.

Now it’s no secret that Krisi is a friend, and she certainly isn’t the only Georgia fan out there that has some red and black ink to testify to that fact or that loves the DAWGS. I mean, the DAWG Nation is not the greatest fan base in the world for nothing. We are a proud and colorful bunch to be sure. But those facts about her were merely an introduction to the person, not the reason I decided to dedicate a full post to a fan.

Krisi is uber active on the Twittah and loves getting together with other Georgia fans. She was the driving force behind last season's Tweetgate 2011, a gathering of DAWGS fans before the Boise State game. Earlier this spring, she was putting twitter to work again. Krisi reached out to me about possibly helping spread the word about a fund raising project that she wanted to get involved in along with @Dawgontap in support of Kasyn Olivadotti, the 4-year old daughter of Georgia coach Kirk Olivadotti, who is battling leukemia and receives treatment at the Aflac Cancer Center. The money raised would go to support the Kasyn Cares Fund for pediatric cancer research at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I was honored to be asked to participate in any way. To make a long story short, the DAWG Nation stepped up in a big way and raised a lot of money for this wonderful cause. As you will read in a moment, Krisi was as good as her word and went all in with a permanent reminder that her love for Georgia will never fade and once again shows us all that she really is a Damn Good Dawg.

From here, I think I’ll just let Krisi explain the rest in her own words from an interview conducted earlier this week……..

ADB: What inspired your newest tat?

@Ludakrisi: I was talking with a follower on twitter about doing a fund raiser and getting tats if we reach our goal. Then @dawgontap asked me to assist on the Kasyn Cares fundraiser and I posted that if our team raised $1,000 I would get another tattoo. It took only 3 days. The Arch is obviously one of my favorite UGA symbols and I wanted something that looked classy. I put Hope under it because Hope is my middle name and since the tattoo was for the fund I thought Hope would be good choice.

*A DAMN BEAST exclusive*

ADB: Why are you a Georgia fan?

@Ludakrisi: I saw a Georgia game on TV when I was a little girl and it was love at first sight.

ADB: What inspired the tat on your neck that so many DAWG fans use as an identifier for you?

@Ludakrisi: I wanted to get a Georgia tattoo for a long time but was actually planning on getting the Super G. When I got there the artist saw the dawg on my phone case and suggested I do that.

ADB: Who's your all-time favorite Georgia player and why?

@Ludakrisi: Rex Robinson because everybody loves kickers :)

ADB: Which Georgia player that you have not met would you most like to someday meet?

@Ludakrisi: Herschel Walker! I'd probably freak him out because I would most likely start crying.

ADB: What's your favorite Georgia sports moment/memory?

@Ludakrisi: My first game…Verron Haynes and the hobnail boot. I'll never forget it :). I knew that whole game, even at the end when it didn't look so pretty, that Georgia would win. I knew God wouldn't let me experience a loss at my first game.

ADB: Thanks, Krisi.

If you’ve ever read this blog before, I’m sure you’re aware that I am a very proud graduate of the University and my love for my alma mater runs much deeper and wider than the hallowed ground that lies within Sanford Stadium and the results that are earned upon it. I take great pride in all things associated with Georgia and that includes the fans that make up the DAWG Nation. Through this prism, I am happy to count Krisi among our ranks for she is red and black to the core.

More importantly, what’s deserving of recognition in this story is the tremendous show of support from you, the DAWG Nation, and the money raised in support of the Kasyn Cares Fund for pediatric cancer research at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Like our love of the DAWGS ink is forever, but we hope leukemia won't be. I am sure @Ludakrisi joins me in saying “Thank you!” for all of the love and support you have shown for those battling leukemia and your continued support for this wonderful cause.

Glory, Glory.


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"Everybody loves kickers."

Everybody loves Krisi.

Go Dawgs!

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Yes we all love them! amanda vanderpool fashion