Monday, August 6, 2012

HOT READS 8.6.12

Georgia looks massive along the front lines. Apparently if you’re not six foot twelve and three hundred and a pile of biscuits you need not apply.

Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling Coach Grantham can’t wait to turn his defense loose this season, and he certainly seems happy with the young pups.  I loved his comments on recruiting.  GATA, coach!  Get the guys you want and that want to be at Georgia, coach ‘em up and cut ‘em loose.

I am really excited about Ken Malcome 2.0 (@BooMalcome24).  Every time I’ve seen this kid tote the rock in game action, I’ve been impressed.  I’m excited to see the freshman (TG1UNO and @Truthh4) and Richard Samuel (@Dos_Dos_1911) made his legend against the Gators last year (I HATE FLORIDA), but Boo feels like a hang your hat kinda back to me.  He reminds me of Danny Ware.  Malcome’s got some explosion, angled vision and when he gets a chance it looks like he’s trying to punish tacklers.  I know that sounds like recklessly high praise at the point, but I’ve just got a feeling.


The ‘Swag-o-meter’ potential for the DAWGS defensive backs is off the charts.  A quick look at the roster to check the measureables, crazy athleticism and the early reports from camp have me raising an eye brow at the possibilities for this group.  Seriously.  With speed and agility like this group has, it looks like something I created in Dynasty mode on NCAA football.  Locking down WRs, dropping the hammer and fighting over pick-sixes on every other possession.  Buuuuut, that’s not reality.  Still, that don’t change the fact that if this group gets the scheme on lock and lets their physical skills take over they can write their own ticket.  Swagger only suits you if you’re good enough to back it up.  If the DBs raise their play to that level, it would go a long way towards the DAWGS cashing that sucker in for a SEC Eastern division title. 

Glory, Glory.

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