Wednesday, September 12, 2012


MIZ - ZOU.  We came, we saw and we showed you what SEC football is all about.  Rabid fan bases that travel, 360 pound defensive linemen that can walk down your star quarterback in the backfield and that you must play four full quarters of top shelf football if you want to survive.  Missouri and its people were good hosts, and we wish you luck the rest of the season, but this shorthanded Georgia squad was clearly the better team on Saturday night.  WOOF!  The DAWGS are now 2-0 overall for the first time since 2008 and more importantly, 1-0 in conference play.  WOOF!  Georgia will be at home for the next three weeks and there will be plenty to talk about regarding those games, but first let’s put a wrap on the DAWGS grown man beat down of the Tigers.


As I pointed out, folks had been beating up on Murray about not performing well enough in Georgia’s biggest games.  Well, @aaronmurray11 got the job done with college football fans around the country looking on and raised his level of play when the DAWGS needed it most.  In the second half, Georgia’s coaches turned to Murray and the passing game and Georgia’s signal caller delivered going 10 of 13 for 124 yards and 2 TDs in the 3rd quarter.  Here’s where I thought Murray would be measured against Missouri…..

“Saturday night in Missouri Murray will lead his team, depleted by suspensions, into an early season divisional game, being played in a very hostile environment, against a talented football team that feels they have everything to prove.  This is the game the DAWGS need Murray to be the type of leader that only a three year starter at quarterback can be, to prove that he can guide his team to a win when the nation is watching.”

No crucial late game turnovers.  No clock mismanagement.  Murray was solid as a rock for Georgia and was in total control throughout.  Murray seems to have learned his tough lessons and the DAWGS are certainly better for it.


Coach Mark Richt told us the DAWGS D would be better against Missouri and they were, in no small part due to the performance of everybody’s All-America Jarvis Jones.  @SacManJones_29 did not get the job done on his own though.  This is what we felt we needed to see heading into the game…..

“I want to see 11 red hats running to the football, gang tackling and GATA the way a great defense should.”

Georgia’s defensive eleven played with purpose on Saturday, ran to the football for four quarters and put the DAWGS in position to win.  Depleted or not, this unit made no excuses, showed up, showed out and left no doubt that Georgia was leaving Missouri with a victory.


I’ve got to give it to the coaching staff.  They certainly tried to follow through on this one and pound on the Tigers with the running game.  Georgia ran the ball consistently in the first half and mixed the run in throughout the game, but that’s not what broke the game open for the DAWGS.  Credit Missouri here, they played our run game pretty well.  Coach Mike Bobo turned to his experienced quarterback and deep wide receiving corps to pull away from the Tigers, but maintaining a good run/pass mix with steady production on the ground certainly helped that to happen.


The way the game played out on Saturday we didn’t see as much from @MerrittHall34 as we will in future games, but Georgia’s power running game was there when it was needed late in the game to punch the ball into the end zone.  Hall and Quayvon Hicks answered the call and paved the way to pay dirt as the DAWGS iced the game.


Missouri learned that as the saying goes, life in the Southeastern Conference simply “Is what it is.”  It is physical, powerful and unrelenting.  Missouri may have thought they knew, but they didn’t know.  Like I said the other day…..

 “I can buy a surfboard, but that don’t make me a surfer.”

Now they know.  “SEC!  SEC!  SEC!” is one chant that does not ring hollow.  I called it Big Boy Football and then the DAWGS went out and played Grown Man Football for the college football world to see, and the Tigers saw it up close and in full color. 

                                                   Courtesy: AP

Georgia showed many of the traits that are required if a good football team is going to become great a great football team.  The “Show Me” state surely got an eye full Saturday night and the rest of the college football world seemed to take notice as well, but this must serve only as a starting point for a Georgia team that has set some lofty goals. 

It certainly is good to be home and the good news is we get to stay a while.  Georgia will be “between the hedges” for the next three weeks and they must handle their business if this season is going to live up to the expectations that we all hope it can, so get out to Sanford Stadium and support our DAWGS.  And don’t worry, Nation.  When the season rolls into October and Georgia hits the road again, we’ll be here to do our part.  Who knows, if the DAWGS stay undefeated, we may even see about getting the trucks washed up nice and shiny for the trip to the other Columbia.

Glory, Glory.


Anonymous said...

Murray's stats would have been even better if Marlon and Bennett hadn't dropped 5 passes between the two of them.

Amanda said...

Murray is the best player! Amanda Vanderpool