Sunday, October 7, 2012


A lot of flash and another Georgia fizzle.  A meeting with Marcus Lattimore's Gamecocks and another loss.  This isn't pretty, so lets get through it. 
The DAWGS got punched in the face right from the jump and never fully recovered.  Yes they played better on defense as the game went on, but they just had no answer for the SC defensive line and did not stop the Cocks run game when they really needed to.  On a day we saw Florida run when it wanted to against a pretty good LSU front seven, today's result has me wondering where the season will go from here.

Due to the facts I stated above, Gurley (or Keith Marshall for that matter) never had a chance to get going.  That SC d-line made our O-line look weak and slow.  For his part Gurley ran hard, but there was not much he could do.

Well, I guess we know what this defense is now.  A defense that struggles to stop the run and shows a disturbing lack of pass rush.  To the second point there, SC didn't throw much and Georgia was off balance in that first quarter, but even when they read pass the push just wasn't there.  I want to think that the defense didn't give in and just go through the motions, but if I looked back at the game I fear I would see just that.  This is disappointing.

This one clearly didn't make the trip, or more likely, SC's d-line is simply that much better that they made our offensive line look like the one that struggled so mightily in spring practice.  Regardless, Georgia didn't appear to move anyone back all night long and had no answers along the offensive line of scrimmage.

Even if this box made it on the truck, Jadaveon Clowney and the SC defense beat it with baseball bats and squashed it under their boots all night long.  Murray was shaken and missed throws that were open all night.  Any quarterback will struggle if you're in his face enough and this was a classic example of that.


Like I said to start this, a lot of flash and another Georgia fizzle.  It's disappointing.  There is no doubt after this one, this team is not ready for prime time.  Yes, they can work to get better and if fate is kind they do still have a chance to win the East.  However, based off of what I saw last night, I do not expect the Cocks to lose twice even if the DAWGS do win out. 

This review is a sour one and honestly I'm glad it's behind us.  It stinks to have to write it, but I'm not gonna ignore what we saw.  We give South Carolina credit, they are clearly the better team.  Here's hoping Georgia can find itself.  It's possible for the DAWGS to go on to have a good season, but this one surely stinks.  As for we, the DAWG Nation, at least we know where we stand. 

Glory, Glory!


DClarkSBR said...

Your comments in "JYD Defensive Pride" and "Offensive Line's Man Card" reflect how I've felt about UGA for the past few years. :( Makes me sad because I know they can be better than this. Maybe that SEC pride is too strong. They come across to me as players who feel entitled, like when their play gets stopped, they think "Hey! You can't do that! We're Dawgs!" A good loss like this may be just the thing they need. A swift kick in the pants to learn some humility. Hopefully they'll take away, "If we want it, we've gotta work for it."

Amanda said...

Yes work for the plan! it must be a successive win.. Checkout Amanda