Sunday, September 5, 2010


"I think there's one way to play and that's with effort and intensity and relentless approach to the ball. I think it's a mindset, I think it's an attitude and I think it's a habitual trait….Every series matters, every play matters.”

Georgia Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham

Damn right. That is the philosophy I share with Georgia’s Defensive Coordinator. That is where great defense starts.

I haven’t poured these words into a molded plaque of bronze and I don’t own a building to hang them on, but if I did these words would be cemented into the cornerstone for everyone to see so that every current and future DAWG that passed by could commit them to memory and know that when it comes to defense…THAT IS THE GEORGIA WAY. Let us be the first to declare it so.

Coach Grantham is new to Athens and has spent only one Saturday “between the hedges”, but still he has managed to remind us all of something we should have never let fade from our collective mind. The number of championships Georgia earns during Grantham’s time with the DAWGS will ultimately determine whether this mindset and these words are worthy of such high praise, but let us be the first to declare it so. For this DAWG, they are instantly worthy of a spot on the A DAMN BEAST!!! Wall of Fame.

Glory, Glory.

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UGA69Dawg said...

I worry that CTG might have a heart attack or his head may explode if he keeps that level of intensity in every game. Our players have been known to take plays off, series off and games off for years. I think we will have the same problem with the O but the D will Bring back their shields or be on them.