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I wanted to update this piece on Crowell. I did not want to not be fair to how the kid says he really feels. Here is the quote I found today about how he feels about Georgia.

"I figured a long time ago I would be playing football at Georgia. I knew for sure it was Georgia a couple days ago, but it has always been in my heart and I have always wanted to. It was a close decision, but when it came down to it, my heart was at Georgia."

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Welcome Mr. Crowell. We in the DAWG Nation are thrilled to have you on board. During his interview for Rivals on National Signing Day, Georgia’s 5-star, must have, crown jewel of the 2011 class Isaiah Crowell, laid out some rather lofty intentions. I know the kid was living in the moment and reveling in the attention that all of the hard work during his high school career had garnered him, but I was struck by a few of the things Crowell had to say and one series of statements in particular.

Crowell said that he wants to be...

“a Freshman All-American. If I can win the Heisman, I want to. Really, I just wanna get three years and I wanna be in the League.”

All of those things are great for Crowell individually and all of those things would bring great recognition to the University of Georgia and I wish him nothing but the absolutely greatest of successes. If Crowell achieves any one of these things then much brighter days are surely ahead for the DAWGS. With that said, I’m not beating up on the kid in any way when I say, I just hope that IC learns a little something about what it means to be a Georgia Bulldog along the way.

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