Monday, October 25, 2010


Although it was sickening to watch and more nauseating to listen to, I watched Urban Meyer's game week press conference today. In his usual holier-than-thou, declarative style, Meyer listed all the things he believed needed to be corrected to put out the fires that have been burning around the Florida program recently. One phrase that popped out to me was hearing Meyer say "It doesn't look like us out there. It doesn't look like BANG!."

Meyer was lamenting that the Gators have been missing some key players due to injury, but he was also talking about a couple of other things here and he listed what he felt they needed to address. Meyer's list went like this...

1. Turnovers
2. Explosive plays
3. Pass Efficiency (off due to drops, protection and execution)
4. Red Zone execution
5. Special teams (lack of big hits and blocked punts)

With a conveniently/strategically place bye week to work on these issues you can bet that Meyer and the Gators will be breathing fire on Saturday. More specifically this tells me a couple things...

1. Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey will absolutely play in Jacksonville.

2. Some "creative" play calling will show itself against the DAWGS in an effort to induce those explosive plays that Meyer is searching so hard for. The Gators will be trying to get to the edge in numerous ways.

3. When I hear Meyer talk about red zone efficiency I hear one thing...Georgia will see Trey Burton put to use in any number of ways if the Gators reach the 30 going in on Saturday.

4. Drew Butler and the DAWGS punt unit had better be ready...and the kickoff coverage team too. NOTHING changes a game like an explosive play on special teams and I will be stunned if we do not see a wrinkle or three from the Gators in the third phase of the game. I expect at least one punt block attempt and probably a fake punt or field goal try too.

I think you all know what disdain I have for the Gators. But if I know anything about football and Meyer's Gators, they will play with an edge and they will try to create the plays they feel they need to be successful.

With that said, it will be just that much sweeter to watch the DAWGS rise to that challenge and trade licks, blow for blow, with their long time and bitter rivals.

Glory, Glory.

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