Sunday, November 6, 2011


Auburn had a great team last season. Congratulations on your SEC and National Championships, Tigers. I just wish you could have done it with a little less play after the whistles and with a little class. Auburn made the plays to win that game last year, but what we saw on the plains last year from the Tigers that was not related to Xs and Os was a pitiful display. I hope the DAWGS feel disrespected. I hope the DAWGS have a chip on their shoulder. I hope the DAWGS remember. The DAWG Nation certainly does. I hope we beat the hell outta Auburn. I hope we earn their respect. I hope we can contain our emotions and do it between the whistles. I know we'll do it with class. I hope we BEAT THE HELL outta Auburn.

Glory, Glory.

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Andy Coleman said...

I think Mark Richt needs to show a vesion of that to the team right before kickoff when they come in from warm-ups! It gets my blood boiling, and I am a 30 year old has been! I'd be ready to GATA for sure if I was a player!