Sunday, November 20, 2011


There will be, there only ever could be, one Larry Munson. I am thankful that I can say I grew up in Georgia and had the privilege of listening to Larry as we both lived and died with the DAWGS. Munson is just as much the reason I went to the University of Georgia as any other and he is absolutely one of the main reasons I wanted to become a sports journalist. I always told myself that if I ever had the chance to live out my dreams, I would never forget what I learned from Larry. While it's a job and you have to be professional, if you feel deeply enough about a team or a place you have to let it show because honesty and transparency matter in broadcasting and journalism and allowing your passion to bleed through only makes the experience of the listener or reader more real and that much richer. I have worked very hard, been very fortunate and as a result, I do get to live out my childhood dreams every day. What's more, I even get to cover my beloved DAWGS and represent the University of Georgia in the process. I will always remember Larry Munson as a fan and I am honored and humbled to be able to claim membership in the fraternity of journalists that have covered (and in my case, lived and died with) the DAWGS...just like Larry.

You did not have to be a Georgia fan to be a Larry Munson fan but if you're a DAWGS fan and have ever heard Larry Munson paint the play-by-play picture of a Georgia Bulldogs game, you most certainly have a favorite Munson call. My favorite call comes from 2001 on Rocky Top against the Tennessee Volunteers. The play was huge at the time and would no doubt have gone down in Georgia lore on its own merit, but because Mr. Munson was behind the mic there was no doubt it was an instant classic. Now it is known by only three words...the hobnail boot. This play and this call mean the world to me because of everything it meant at the time and has meant since. It will forever be my favorite call by the legendary Larry Munson.

Thank you, Larry. Thank you for everything.

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Amanda said...

Brings tears to my eyes .... R.I.P Larry. Always and forever , GO DAWGS !!!! Amanda Vanderpool