Saturday, August 20, 2011


Exclusive to the twittah. Exclusive until now anyway. I decided to bring it here to the blog just to share with all you fine people that may not be following us @ADAMNBEASTBLOG in hopes that a few of y'all might decide to come along for the ride.

7 hours ago...

For what it's worth, we like the UGA Pro Combat Uniforms. Coming up, we'll tell you why. #UGA #DAWGS @Nike #ProCombat

4 hours later...

We like the #DAWGS #ProCombat unis. This guy does too & we agree w/ why ... Another worth a read.

3 hours later...

About the #DAWGS #ProCombat unis...everybody's entitled to their opinion and ours is that they're cool. They rock. They're bad ass.

Then came a run and we hit our stride...

"There's a lot of red going on." Yep. Georgia IS red. "They're busy." Yep. They're sleek and aggressive.

"Red on the facemask?" Hell, yes! I immediately thought of Erk. Apparently, so did this #DAWG.

"A silver helmet?" Absolutely. If it was good enough for Sinkwich, it's good enough for today's #DAWGS.

"There's nothing about a silver helmet that honors the 1980 champs." No, they didn't wear silver helmets in 1980.....

...However, 1980 was the year Vince went back to the famed silver britches. That's why the helmet is a nod to 1980.

"Red pants?" We all know the @HerschelWalker legend was born in red pants. If #34 wore them, they're fine. #DAWGS

So, let's all hear @crob45:

"No matter what we're wearing September 3rd we're gonna need all the fans support!"

and get behind them #DAWGS!

Glory, Glory.

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Anonymous said...

That certainly was a strech.