Friday, August 5, 2011


T.J. Stripling seems to be coming along fine with his rehab of a torn patella tendon, so maybe I was on to something with the idea that he could be a quiet key for the DAWGS defense this year if he gets back healthy.

Jonathan Jenkins looks great in his single digit practice jersey. Fingers crossed that he spends a lot of time in the backfield this season. The opponent’s backfield, that is.

Pleased to read that for Cordy Glenn, mashing is mashing. Glenn seems to be adjusting very well to bumping out to man the left tackle position this season. I feel really at ease with this change. I’m betting Aaron Murray does too.

Branden Smith has been showing out a bit, collecting five interceptions. Coach Richt mentioned he actually snatched a couple away from the intended receiver. Music to my ears. I want to see any of our DBs drive on the football in the air more often, especially Smith and Brandon Boykin given their tremendous skills once they have the ball in their hands.

Looks like Isaiah Crowell might get it. Word has it that he takes coaching and seems to genuinely love the game. Malcolm Mitchell could be in the boat with him. Both are flashing raw skills early on and are working hard, but until they prove it “while the band’s playing” I’m afraid we should all temper our expectations a bit. Running backs have to block and WRs have to sharpen routes and beat press coverage. The future looks bright, but until they get it done with the DAWG Nation watching, we don’t know a thing.

Aaron Murray looks all swole’ up. We know he’s a leader and a film junkie (love it), and maybe it’s just me, but Murray looks like he’s added 10-15 pounds of pure muscle. If I’m right, that’s great news. Let’s face it, there’s no way his jersey stays clean all year and a little more bulk can only help the DAWGS leader hold up.

Jay Rome appears to be a big man with soft hands that can move. This is exciting. Though Aron White and Orson Charles give every effort in the blocking game, I really slide to the edge of my seat when I think about the possibilities of a massive Arthur Lynch and an aggressive Rome just crushing down one side of the defensive line to clear some space for our backs.

Grass is finer. Coach Richt pointed out that having grass on the practice fields instead of turf grass, especially during recent days when triple digit temperatures are the norm, is really making a difference for the players. Hey, whatever helps the guys stay healthy and get ready to get after the Broncos is alright by me. Besides, grass stains are cool.

Glory, Glory.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Hope Boo can get through camp without pulling anything.