Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Every year…every game…at the stadium or in front of the widescreen…whether I’ve tilted a few or stone cold sober…every year, every game I try to predict what the first offensive play of the first offensive series will be for the DAWGS in each game. Not only do I test my own advance study of match-ups and tendencies, but I will inevitably (even when I try not to) turn and ask Ali Blue (usually the other best football mind in the room) what her opinion is on the subject and she will usually give some sincere thought to the question and give a well thought out reply. I do this for fun, just to see if I’m right…or if Ali’s right…and of course I want to see if she calls the same play I have called…and if either of us were right, did the play work? She knows I enjoy this and she plays along. Because she knows this means more to me than it ever could to her, she even goes first so I can hear her prediction just to see if her call matches mine. I will then regale her with my play call and will inevitably explain to her why I have chosen that play. She honestly listens to what I have to say. Maybe she really gains some insight from my offering, or it could be because it’s just entertaining. Doesn’t matter. I absolutely relish this tradition between us and it has now become a very enjoyable part of our game day experience.

Hopefully we have the opportunity to do this 14 times in any given season…12 regular season games, the SEC Championship game and a bowl game. I love to attack and I always have to push down the urge to call the post route. To take a chance at landing the haymaker right away. Sometimes I’m just feeling traditional and call the toss sweep. I mean, it is a staple of the DAWGS offense. Old reliable. Other times the advance scouting and film work (Yes, I do that.) figures more heavily and I’ll pick a play that takes advantage of some match-up that gives Georgia a clear advantage. It all depends on my mood.

So, with the season barreling towards us, I got to thinking about how much fun we have with this and I began to wonder if we were the only members of the DAWG Nation that take our shot at offensive coordinator. Surely not. We can’t be. That’s why I want to know about you. Do you or any of your fellow DAWGS give calling the opening play a shot? If so, we want to know about it. Tell us if you do. Do you share your pick with other DAWGS or do you keep it to yourself…even if you’re not alone. How do you choose the play? We want to hear from you and everything about your play calling process. Leave us a comment below or head over to the Facebook page and tell us your story there.

It’s September 3rd and the Georgia Dome is rocking. Aaron Murray leads the DAWGS to the line as the college football nation looks on. You’ve shoved Mike Bobo out of the chair and, for one play, you are directing the Georgia offense. What’s your call? TK to the post? Isaiah Crowell on the zone read? Or, do you like Orson Charles up the seam? Come on DAWG Nation, let us hear ya.

Glory, Glory.


zenarcher said...

Our tradition is:If we win the toss,do we defer?I always pick not defer and I seldom win! lol! Vs.Boise I shall do the same and I hope that for once,I will.For the first play she always says:"Off-Tackle PA fake draw zero-one!" I smh..."What?" Vs.Boise she'll call the same play and I'll say:"What?"As for me I'll call a power sweep to the wide-side...let's show the Broncos what #BigBoyFootball is all about!

Anonymous said...

Run the ball right at Billy Winn! I love it!

Take on their best and most experienced d lineman from the get go.

After the first play, we'll know for sure whether moving Bruce Figgins to fullback was a good idea (I think it was).

Juice said...

Hook & Ladder. Murray throws to Charles, who tosses to Tavarres King.

No? Wheel route to Crowell.

No? Deep to Mitchell on a double move.

No? Slant to Bennett or Brown.

No? Curl route to Samuel.

No? John Jenkins up the middle behind Ben Jones & Bruce Figgins.

CGramling21 said...

I'll play along, like I do every opening possession. I believe all the talk of Crowell toting the rock on the 1st play was set on purpose, and I believe that we will hear more of the talk leading up to the 3rd. My guess is we start off in an Ace formation with White and Charles. Play action off tackle to Crowell, with TK running the post. We hit White on a drag for about 15 yards. I'm sure my prediction will change a few dozen more times though :).

Anonymous said...

Jumbo package with two TE's - Figgins and Crowell in the backfield. Tavarres King split out at flanker. Play action fake to Crowell. Orson Charles (decoy) at TE same side as King. OC runs a drag route out to sideline setting a pick for King. Murray hits King streaking on a post pattern who scores. 7-0 IN YOUR FACE SMURFS!

Cojones said...

Murray hands off to Crowell going left, who reverses field and hands it back to Murray who heaves it to a wide open Marlon Brown/Wooten/Mitchell for a TD!

BuLLdawg said...

No Running game, so you know the play is a pass. It's 1st and 10 and ultimately you know it's 3 and out, so it's a pass downfield incomplete, interception, sack or fumble - or, it's a pass underneath, followed by a run by a banged up TB behind an OL that cannot block for the run and with no FB.

How do you get to be # 72 in the nation at making 1st Downs ?

Do this every time, putting yourself in the hole. Murphy's Law.