Monday, October 10, 2011


CARLTON THOMAS – Isaiah Crowell has been the difference maker in the DAWGS offensive backfield this year, but Georgia’s little big man has been outstanding when he’s gotten on the field. Thomas finished with 7 carries for 37 yards against the Vols, but his game book reads much deeper and richer than that. Thomas protects the football, has a great burst, sticks his nose in there on pass-pro and is running HARD…and ANGRY. At five foot nothing, one hundred and nothing, Thomas will stick his foot in the ground and get up field and has NO issues dropping his shoulder and delivering a blow to finish his runs. Watch the tape from Mississippi, Mississippi State and Tennessee and you will see it. Thomas is playing like a BEAST and has earned his spot on this list.

Courtesy: David Manning/Staff

MIKE GILLIARD – Coach Richt has been saying for a couple of years that Gilliard was ready to play and that he isn’t afraid to strike you. Some bad luck has become Gilliard’s opportunity and he has seized it. Gilliard has been playing hard since getting some time and his hard work culminated with a career-best 12 tackle performance Saturday night that included a sack. Even when the DAWGS get healthy again at linebacker, Gilliard will continue to get his minutes.

– We couldn’t believe Mitchell got caught on his big reception that flipped the field for the DAWGS in the third quarter. After the game, we found out why. It took a hamstring injury to slow down Georgia’s electric freshman. Mitchell finished with 3 catches for a career-high 126 yards. Get well soon MnM, I can’t wait to see what you you’re gonna do next.

MARK RICHT – Finally, to the man that holds the leash on the DAWGS. Coach Richt collected career win #100 on Saturday night, all of them coming at the University of Georgia. More than any other coach in Georgia’s history, Coach Richt is my head coach. We first got season tickets in 2001 when Richt took over and have been along for the ride for every win and every loss along the way. There has not been one day since Coach Richt got to Athens that we have wanted anyone other coach to lead our DAWGS. Congratulations, Coach. Here’s to the next one hundred.

RAGING BEAST STAT OF THE WEEK – Georgia held Tennessee….not some directional school….Tennessee….to NEGATIVE 20 yards rushing on 23 carries Saturday for an average of -0.9 yards per carry.

Glory, Glory.


Anonymous said...

shouldn't that read -0.9 yards per carry? Couldn't agree more with being pleasantly suprised by Thomas. Could somebody please tell Richard Samuel to keep his head up and look for a hole before he tries to tip-toe through a dlineman?

genxdawg said...

@trumely Thanks for pointing out the correction. As for Thomas, I have loved watching him play this year. About Samuel, I love the kid for his effort and devotion to his teammates and the program. However, Richard is what he is. A straight line runner with no shake and limited vision. I think Samuel is Georgia's least effective short yardage runner, which is why I was SO pleased to see the DAWGS take a different tact in short yardage situations against the Vols.