Thursday, October 13, 2011


From “See Rock City” to the Music City, the DAWGS continue their road warrior ways and head out to Nashville, Tennessee this week to take on the Vanderbilt Commodores.
When you take a trip, nothing’s worse than getting where you’re going and looking for some thing you just KNEW you had packed, only to find that somehow you have left it at home. I know, right? Insert expletive here, quickly followed by hassle and headache. So, it’s time to find out if the DAWGS can keep it rollin’ and win another in a string of games that they’re “supposed to” and must win if they’re going to make a real push to the top of the SEC East. We know traveling can get a little hectic and it can be tough to always remember everything, so we humbly offer up this week’s packing list.

GRANTHAM’S TOWEL: Georgia’s DC says it’s nothing new, but flashing that towel to hinder the opponent’s ability to steal the DAWGS defensive signals certainly is noticeable. One thing’s for certain, whatever is going on behind that screen has read like a Braille cipher to opposing offenses in recent weeks. This seems like an easy one to remember, but those are the things that hurt the most when you leave them behind. How ‘bout we just go ahead and tuck that one in the truck driver’s belt…just to be sure.

RECEIVER’S GLOVES AND EYE BLACK: Anything and everything that our defensive players can use to gain just a bit of an advantage in catching the ball, put in the box and get it on the truck. Word has it that Vandy is thinking of starting Jordan Rodgers against the DAWGS, but regardless of whether it’s Rodgers or Larry Smith turnovers are probable. Rodgers doesn’t have a lot of experience and Smith completes less than 50% of his passes. Georgia will continue to apply pressure defensively and that should cause poor decisions by the Commodores quarterbacks. Unlike in past games this season, Georgia must take advantage when the other team throws us the football. So, sticky gloves, eye black, whatever…when the DAWGS get a chance to turn the ‘Dores over this weekend they need to make it happen.

BULLY ATTITUDE: I mean no disrespect to Vanderbilt here, but this is the week where the mental approach the DAWGS take heading into the game is crucial. This is a road game in the SEC, but it’s not exactly the usual road game in the SEC. DAWG Nation will make its presence felt. In Nashville on Saturday, there will be as much red and black in the stands as there will be black and gold. This should give our boys a huge boost of confidence heading into the game. That confidence should lead Georgia into the game with an attitude much like that of a block bully…a feeling that nothing should happen at Vanderbilt on Saturday that our DAWGS don’t allow to happen. The DAWGS should take the field a little angry and aggressive with a bad attitude for no reason other than that is what Georgia wants to be right now. Vanderbilt is an SEC team with good players, but the Commodores are also a team the DAWGS should dictate to in every phase of the game. All that talk of swagger and attitude…when you’re riding high and playing fast, these are the games you just dominate. This is a week when Georgia should be the baddest dude on the block and they need to show it.

So, there you have it. The DAWGS are under the lights again this week. There is plenty to do along music row, but nobody making this trip can afford to get distracted. The DAWGS have already swept the state of Mississippi this season and they're half way to sweeping the state of Tennessee. So, one less thing for you to worry about, I shoved a broom behind the truck seat to finish the job in Nashville. Nation, keep focus and save your dancing shoes for after the game to celebrate what we hope is another Georgia victory. If you do decide to hit the bars while you’re in town, be sure not to set your glass down at the bar. I mean, you don’t want to end up with some ‘Dores fan’s beer mug that’s all watered down with the tears of another loss to the DAWGS now do ya? Now let’s handle business and bring us back a W. Safe travels, Nation.

Glory, Glory.

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