Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Now, that’s what I’m talking about. The DAWGS pushed that momentum ball all the way up to Rocky Top, crushed the Vols with it and now we’re downhill and gaining speed toward the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville in a couple of weeks. There is still the business of the Vanderbilt Commodores in Music City, but we’ll get to that soon enough. First, let’s check the Packing List for Tennessee and see how we did.


Brandon Boykin didn’t take his turn on offense this week and Branden Smith performed very well when his number was called in place of Boykin’s, however Bam did play the entire game on defense and took his normal position on special teams as well. Boykin was hyped before the game and smiling widely during the post-game celebration, so it’s safe to assume Bam is not experiencing any problems with those loose teeth.


Walsh hit both of his field goal attempts on Saturday against the Vols (35, 23) and was perfect on his extra point attempts. Looks like Blair’s visit with an old friend last week has paid dividends and things are back on track. Walsh is striking the ball well and my money says Coach Richt will not hesitate to call on his veteran kicker at any point going forward, our wrinkly bulldawg asses on the line or not.


We were concerned about the play-action game from Tennessee’s dangerous quarterback Tyler Bray headed into the game last week, but the were reading the Volunteers mail from the first snap of the game and put an end to all that business early on. The DAWGS dominated the line of scrimmage at the point of attack and held the Vols to negative 20 yards rushing. As the game went along, Georgia began to get more and more pressure on Bray. The result was a third straight game in which the opposing starting quarterback was not taking the snaps at game’s end. Coach Grantham seems to have found the right prescription for his guys and the DAWG Nation is loving the results.


Once again, special teams came up big for the DAWGS in Knoxville. Tennessee did a good job of kicking the ball away from the Georgia kick returners Saturday, but Georgia still found a way to have an impact in the “third” phase of the game. The DAWGS kicking game was solid and the kick coverage was good, but it was a defensive play made by a big man that went all “double thump” on the Vols this time as Kwame Geathers got a big paw on the Tennessee extra point attempt following their late 4th quarter touchdown to make the odds a little longer on a Tennessee comeback.

So, there you have it. Rocky Top is as tough a place to play as there is in the country regardless of how the team is performing in any given year. Georgia rolled in, eventually took the game over and the DAWGS were mere inches from making this one a laugher. The 4th quarter penalty debacle was astonishing. I know it was 80 degrees on Saturday, but that effort is making me strongly consider adding mittens to the Packing List for the offensive unit before the trucks pull out for Nashville this week…heat be damned. Anyway, Georgia is on the right path and is excited about the challenge that lies ahead. It’s way too early for the DAWGS to be looking too far ahead, but if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other you will get to where you wanna go…and the Nation will be right behind you woofin’.

Glory, Glory.

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